Arkivum: Data Archiving & Digital Preservation Solution

Future-proof the past. Focus on the present.

By providing certainty and confidence in data retention, energy can be redirected where it’s needed most: innovating in the present.
Arkivum’s digital archiving and preservation solution ensures data is findable, accessible and legible, forever.

Trusted by organisations globally
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Our Industry Expertise

Arkivum supports a broad range of use cases across a diverse set of industries. Click on the links below to find out more about how we can support you and your organisation.

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Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

The only validated GxP digital archiving and preservation solution, supporting regulatory compliance.
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Galleries, Libraries & Museums

Guaranteeing the long-term access and use of valuable scholarly research and special collections data.
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Scientific Research

Ensuring that valuable scientific research is accessible for future use.
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Corporate Records & Archives

Keeping corporate legacy alive by preserving your digital or digitised assets.

Digital Preservation. So much more than archiving.

With technology, the only constant is change.

As hardware and software evolves, digital preservation is crucial to ensure that data is accessible and usable in the future. Software and files usable today may not work on devices decades (or even years) from now.

Most storage solutions, digital archives and file sharing platforms simply store your data. They don’t actively preserve it.

Leveraging digital preservation tools and processes can provide certainty that your digital assets are usable when you need them most.

What our customers say

“We used a risk-based approach to procure Arkivum’s system. Now that we have an approved digital archive in place, we’ve been able to completely mitigate the risk and accept hybrid (paper and digital) transfer requests. It’s very satisfying to know that we can now provide a full, long-term records storage service that meets all the required standards.”


Sandra Blake, Corporate Records Manager

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Who are Arkivum?

Arkivum is a leading digital preservation solution provider. We serve a broad range of customers across a diverse selection of industries and geographies.

Our easy-to-use SaaS solution helps our customers to retain their digital content so that it is available, accessible and legible forever.

It’s simple to upload data into our system. Customers can choose from several options including drag and drop, uploads from a cloud storage location and direct integration with Office 365 applications such as SharePoint and OneDrive.

Arkivum also provides a range of services to support our customers. These include training for staff and managing the data migration process.

Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

Message us via our contact us page or book some time in with one of our experienced team. We’ll arrange an initial exploratory discussion to better understand your requirements, and whether the Arkivum solution will help you solve your challenges.