The Usable Archive

Safeguarding Digital Assets with a 100% Data Integrity Guarantee.

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How to Guide For Beginners

Everything you need to know to get on the digital preservation ladder

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Digital Asset Preservation

Preserving, indexing and archiving for the very long-term.

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Arkivum provides 100% guaranteed data safeguarding and
long-term data lifecycle management solutions.

Safety: Lifetime Data Safeguarding

Highest standards of Data Protection

Data Sovereignty

You control where your data is at all times

Making Archived Data Usable

Data is accessible and exploitable for the long term



Your archive solution is part of an ecosystem of connected services


Simplication: End-to-end Managed Service

Managing the complete archiving lifecycle with a predictable TCO

Compliance: Peace of Mind

Meet standards and mitigate / transfer risks

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By its very nature, compliance with regulatory requirements is daunting. Its whole reason for existing is to make multiple highly complex processes completely watertight so that organisations are absolutely – and demonstrably - above reproach. The reality is that of...

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Digital Preservation: Surfing in on Rising Tides

Piece written by Arkivum Sector Manager, Paula Keogh Archivists, Librarians, Record Managers and Research Data Managers have always been great at avoiding wheel re-invention. ‘Moving the needle forward’ on Digital Preservation is no different. Of all the great things...

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GDPR & Privacy by Design

Written by Rafael Bloom, Arkivum Director Business Development Compliance Requirements, Technical Solutions If your email inbox or social media feed is anything like mine, you have been receiving several GDPR-related links a day for a number of months. Considering how...

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