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Data Archiving Solution to Preserve Your Digital Assets For Decades

Ensure your data is stored in a safe, accessible and compliant digital archive for a long-term solution

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Our solution helps organisations with a range of different data preservation challenges

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Pharma and Life Sciences

Fully validated software and a robust QMS offer peace of mind archiving your heavily regulated data

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Scientific Research

Preserving petabyte-scale research datasets in support of sustainable open access research

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Higher Education and Heritage

Guaranteeing the long-term safeguarding and accessibility of valuable research and special collections

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Why digital archiving and preservation?

Ensuring the security, accessibility and usability of valuable digital assets for decades

Data, files and documents digitally stored for many years run the risk of becoming corrupted, damaged, lost or obsolete.

Our digital archiving software will enable you to archive and preserve your collections of information for many years. It ensures that your data is secure, findable and usable for as long as you need to retain it. And most importantly, our software is fully validated for use in heavily regulated data management fields of clinical trials, scientific research papers and all complex datasets.

Our automated software solution, based on data archiving best practice approaches such as FAIR and ALCOA, guarantees the long-term integrity and usability of your data.

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