Preserving Petabyte Scale Scientific Research

Ensuring that valuable scientific research is accessible for future use. The Arkivum solution preserves large scale research datasets, promoting environmental sustainability and open access research.

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Scientific research institutes generate vast quantities of complex data that often needs to be open, shared and accessible for decades. In short, their data management must align with the FAIR data management principles.

Current solutions keep this data on ageing and hard to manage in-house systems that are expensive, challenging to maintain and are difficult to scale.

Arkivum provides a digital archiving and preservation solution that has been built on the varied and challenging data management use cases of scientific research. Our technology is able to preserve petabyte level datasets, in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.

Sustainable Scientific Data Management & Preservation

The Arkivum digital archiving and preservation solution supports scientific research institutes by consolidating completed research into a centralised repository. By having all long-term data in one place, it is not only easier to preserve over time, but a more cost-effective and sustainable approach. The Arkivum solution is scalable and robust enough to meet the needs to any research institute, small and large.

Find out more about some of the key features of the solution below.

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Data Preservation

Arkivum’s automated digital preservation tool maintains a broad range of content types in long-term formats. Able to preserve documents, video, audio and more, the Arkivum solution ensures the long-term use of your valuable digital content. And all at the scale required by scientists today.

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Advanced Data Search

Arkivum’s intuitive search tools make it easy for researchers to navigate vast datasets, ultimately saving time in the process. Scientists and researchers alike can leverage powerful functionality such as custom metadata, full text search and previews within the system to quickly find useful historic research.

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Data Management & Access

Easily manage your entire archived research collection through our intuitive browser-based dashboard. Manage users, provide access to scientists and facilitate open access research through our public access module.

Scientific Research Data FAQS

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