The Arkivum digital archive and preservation solution

It’s more than software. It’s certainty.

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Introducing Arkivum’s Digital Archiving Solution

The Arkivum solution supports organisations with long-term data retention and archiving requirements.

Our solution provides the certainty for customers that their valuable digital content is searchable, accessible, and usable, forever. More than just data storage or archival, our data preservation system has been built to align with industry best practice approaches such as ALCOA++ and FAIR.

Customers have plenty of choices when uploading data into the Arkivum system. Options include drag and drop, upload from a cloud location, and integration with file-sharing systems such as SharePoint and OneDrive. For customers who require additional support, we also offer an optional data migration service.

The solution is also supported by a strict adherence to Quality Management processes and Arkivum is certified in both ISO 9001 and 27001.

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Arkivum solution overview

Key features of the Arkivum Preservation solution.

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Mitigate the risk of data corruption and loss

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Guarantee the long-term legibility of data

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Powerful search tools to find files in minutes

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Manage and access your data instantly online

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Peace of mind your data is inspection ready

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Migration Service

End-to-end data migration service with minimal customer input

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Arkivum Archive Solution FAQs

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Do I need to be a trained archivist or records manager to use the Arkivum solution?
Do you support customers with migrating the data into the archive?
Do you support integration with Office 365 (SharePoint & OneDrive)?
Do you support the digitisation of paper records and documents?
Does the Arkivum solution integrate into other systems?
Does your solution leverage AI technology?
How do I access and manage the Arkivum solution?
How long does it take for customers to be onboarded onto the solution?
How much does the Arkivum solution cost?
How often do you update the solution?
What is the difference between a digital archiving system simply storing my data within a system like SharePoint or Dropbox?
What security do you have in place to protect my data?
What sort of data retention period requires a digital archive and preservation solution like Arkivum’s?
What training on the system does Arkivum provide?

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