Digital Preservation for Galleries, Libraries and Museums

Guaranteeing the long-term access and use of valuable scholarly research and special collections data.

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Higher education institutions, libraries and heritage organisations create and curate some of the world’s most valuable research, collections, and historically important records.

Not only do these need to be protected for the long-term, but they must be accessible and usable for future generations to come.

Archiving and preserving these valuable digital records within Arkivum’s solution equips institutions with tools to keep these records alive, forever.

What our customers say

The last 2 years have seen UEL’s approach to digital archiving evolve from a focus on research data to an expanded strategy including the Library’s archive collections. The role played by the Arkivum solution has been key to this, allowing us to better manage data as we scale up the volume being archived.

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Carly Lightfoot, Scholarly Communications Manager, UEL

Digital Archives for Historical Documents and Scholarly Research

The Arkivum digital archiving and preservation solution enables galleries, libraries and museums to safeguard and preserve their valuable digital content forever.

The solution has been built on the foundations of digital preservation good practice, as promoted by organisations such as the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), the National Data Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) and others. It supports organisations to achieve the required level of digital preservation maturity, in line with their organisational goals.

It’s simple and easy to upload content to the Arkivum system. Options include dragging and dropping files in, uploading from a cloud storage location, integrating directly with SharePoint and OneDrive or connecting one of your existing systems directly through our open API.

Find out more about some of the key features of the solution below.

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Safeguarding & Data Integrity

Protect your collections against the risk of data corruption and bit rot. By storing data in multiple locations and automatically checking for any data integrity issues, the Arkivum solution provides customers with the tools to safeguard their digital content against time.

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Data Preservation

Arkivum’s automated digital preservation tool maintains a broad range of content types and formats in long-term formats. Able to preserve documents, video, audio and more, the Arkivum solution ensures the long-term use of your valuable digital content.

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Data Access & Management

Easily manage your entire archive collection through our intuitive browser-based dashboard. Features include creating and managing users through our admin panel and our public access module.

Galleries, Libraries and Museums FAQS

What sort of content types can I archive within the system?
Can I separate my research and special collections data within the system?
Do you provide a public access module as part of your solution?
Can I integrate the Arkivum solution with other institutional repositories and systems that I currently have?
Is the solution aligned to digital preservation maturity models?
Are you part of any higher education procurement systems?

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