DPC Award for Collaboration and Cooperation

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DPC Award for Collaboration and Cooperation  

So far, the year 2022, has been subjected to multiple portentous global events, including the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a new Monarch following the unfortunate passing of Queen Elizabeth II, NASA’s announcement for an inhabitable space station to orbit the moon and ABBA’s plans for a revival world tour.  

For Arkivum, one moment of significance this year has been the 2022 Digital Preservation Awards. For which, we are delighted to announce that the ARCHIVER project was presented with the International Council on Archives (ICA) Award for Collaboration and Co-operation at the DPC 2022 Digital Preservation Awards in Glasgow.  

 This award comes after three years of hard work, focused on closing the gap between long-term data preservation requirements for large research datasets and readily available and accessible storage solutions available to the European scientific research community. Read more on our in-depth review of the ARCHIVER project including our contribution here. 

The Award for Collaboration and Cooperation celebrates ‘significant collaboration across institutional, professional, sectoral and geographical boundaries which have had a demonstrable and positive impact on digital preservation since the last prize round’.   

Amongst the category’s panel, the ARCHIVER project was recognised for its ‘important work in public-private partnership which could level the playing field for long-term digital preservation of research data’. 

We would like to congratulate all those involved within the project for their hard-work and dedication to making influential strides within the long-term data management community. 


About Arkivum 

Arkivum, a world leader in digital archiving and preservation, guarantees the past, present and future of valuable data. Expert and meticulous in handling data and digitised assets in large volumes and multiple formats, Arkivum offers a fully managed, end-to-end service that streamlines complex workflows and regulatory processes. 

Championing good practice in the long-term stewardship and governance of data, Arkivum provides its diverse and prestigious customer base with a gold-standard, cost-effective service. The integrity, security, findability, searchability and accessibility of archived data is key, and Arkivum rigorously applies the FAIR principles to data management – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable. Arkivum offers customers a 100% data integrity guarantee, backed by insurance. 

Arkivum’s specialist software and services are chosen by leading institutions and commercial organisations as they take their digital transformation to the next level and ensure compliance with professional and regulatory standards. Active in such fields as life sciences and pharmaceuticals, scientific research, corporate, higher education, and culture and heritage, they draw on Arkivum’s resources and sector-specific knowledge as they build and operate trusted digital repositories (TDRs). While rising comprehensively to the challenges of regulatory compliance, Arkivum’s customers also maximise insight and discovery and derive optimum long-term value from their data, digital assets and intellectual property. 

Arkivum, headquartered in the UK, serves a global customer base.  

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Tom is the Marketing Director at Arkivum. He joined the business in January 2020 tasked with driving new business growth and building the brand into new sectors such as Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. He has over 12 years’ experience in several diverse marketing leadership roles across technology and professional services organisations.

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