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06 Jun, 2019

Arkivum adds compliance of updated NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit to extensive list of data standards

Emma Davenport

At Arkivum, we recognise how critical it is for our software and processes to adhere to industry standards and best practices in order to provide our customers…

29 May, 2019

Life sciences laboratories are rapidly becoming data enterprises – Are your departments reaching their full potential?

Emma Davenport

Growing amounts of data and data types make it increasingly difficult for laboratory managers to consolidate their data sources; removing silos and creating a single source of…

28 May, 2019

The Goldilocks effect – how much Open Source is just right?

Emma Davenport

There are a broad range of views on this topic about how much Open Source Software (OSS) is the right amount to include in your IT solution….

20 May, 2019

Oncologica, a leading pharmaceutical CRO, selects Arkivum to provide integrated long-term data management of their next-generation sequencing data

Emma Davenport

Oncologica, a leading precision oncology profiling company and Contract Research Organization (CRO) in the pharmaceutical industry, has chosen Arkivum Trust, to provide an integrated long-term data management…

10 May, 2019

5 ways to reduce the increasing cost of compliance across your life sciences organization

Sreedhar Tulluri

Compliance is a necessary requirement of doing business within the life sciences industry, and rightly so. However, for life sciences organisations it is costly and complex and…

07 May, 2019

Bring your organisation’s long term data requirements into one solution

Sinéad McKeown

We’ve recently released Arkivum v5.2 which feels like a big milestone. This release adds many great new features to our single solution that delivers safeguarding, preservation, compliance…