Open Application - Arkivum

Careers / 21 Jan, 2022

Open Application

We are not actively hiring at this time but welcome CV’s if you feel like you would be a good fit for Arkivum.

About Arkivum

Arkivum is an industry leading tech start-up based in Reading in the UK.

Our exceptional SaaS solution is used internationally for the archiving and preservation of valuable digital assets across a range of industries including life sciences, scientific research, heritage and higher education.

As a quick example of the type of work we do, we recently partnered up with Google in the European wide ARCHIVER project which was headed up by CERN, the home of the Hadron Collider. The aim of the project is to service the preservation requirements of the European scientific community. In the current phase, the scalability of the solution is a priority, with the buyer organisations ingesting petabytes of data at rates of up to 100 terabytes a day.

Today, the amount of data that organisations are generating is growing exponentially. This means the long-term management and preservation of that data is more important than ever before. This is an incredibly exciting time for Arkivum, as our customers rely on us to ensure the long-term security and accessibility of their data, regardless of volume, variety or complexity.