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09 Sep, 2019

Our product backstory

Sinéad McKeown

You might be surprised to hear that Arkivum was formed 7 years ago as a data storage provider. Originally created as an incubator project at the University…

23 Aug, 2019

Archives*Records 2019 panel session on automation in digital preservation

Emma Davenport

We were recently in Austin, Texas for this year’s annual Archives*Records conference and hosted a panel discussion on “can you do digital preservation with your eyes closed?”…

21 Aug, 2019

Including archived data in my Information Governance Strategy; is it really needed?

Emma Davenport

When implementing an Information Governance strategy, organisations often overlook the need to include a digital archiving solution, for retention and preservation of data into the long term….

19 Aug, 2019

Compliance is a necessity that can achieve the greater good in your GxP data

Sridhar Sarva

Working in such a highly competitive market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. Complex data requirements make it difficult to provide competitive…

16 Aug, 2019

Digital archiving and digital preservation – the foundation of your research data management strategy

Emma Davenport

Digital archiving and digital preservation are just one part of a larger research data management strategy. However, a very important one. They should form the foundation of…

15 Aug, 2019

MHRA and FDA Data Integrity guidelines – do I need to pay attention?

Emma Davenport

The MHRA published its 2018 edition of GCP serious breaches in May which sees Data Integrity featuring heavily in the list of examples of non-compliance. Data integrity…