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Arkivum's Data Archiving Solution

Guaranteeing your data is safe, accessible, and usable for as long as you need it

Arkivum provides a fully managed archiving and preservation solution. We strive to make it as simple as possible to move your data into our archival system, breaking down data silos, and ensuring that it is safe, accessible and usable for as long as you need to retain it.


Data portability is a key pillar of our solution, providing every customer with no vendor lock-in. This means that our customers data always remains their data, fully within their control.

Arkivum supports a broad range of data types, formats and sources, and provides integrations to a range of different systems. We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure a seamless transfer of data into our archive.

Please email us at or use the contact us page if you would like to discuss your particular requirements, including specifics around the integrations that we currently offer.

Managed Ingest Process

Our ingest process automatically checks all the files that enter the archive, and prepares the data for search, access and preservation.

Features include:

  • Multiple (and industry specific) upload mechanisms supported.
  • Support for integration with other systems.
  • Data validation and fixity checks for the integrity of the data.
  • Metadata extraction and checks.
  • Data encryption in transit with full chain of custody.


Our safeguarding module provides a 100% guarantee on the safety, integrity and security of your valuable assets for as long as they are needed.

Features include:

  • Data is stored in up to 3 separate geographical locations.
  • Data portability and no vendor lock-in is guaranteed through storing a third copy in Escrow (stored in Azure).
  • Data immutability (whereby files can’t be deleted or modified) within the archive.
  • Regular automated checks to protect against data loss or corruption.


Our digital preservation module ensures that your files are readable and usable for as long as they are needed for.

Features include:

  • Generate a preservation copy to ensure long-term readability and usability.
  • Original files are maintained in line with data management good practice such as ALCOA+ and FAIR.
  • Generation of Archival Information Package (AIP) in line with OAIS.

Discovery & Access

Ensure that authorised individuals who log in to the archive can easily find and access the information they need.

Features include:

  • User access provided via an online dashboard – includes the ability to download and export files.
  • Access control managed through integration with customer IT.
  • Advanced content search, leveraging metadata (additional data about each file such as author, content or other relevant tags).
  • External user access to the archived data can be provided through integration.
  • Wide range of reporting capability including detail audit trails.

Every Arkivum customer needs to make their data accessible to important stakeholders, either inside or outside of their organisation, with varying levels of access. We provide a range of access solutions, from an auditor during an inspection through to public access online.

Archived and preserved data is kept for a reason, and our solution ensures that those who should have access to these valuable assets, do…however long into the future it is.

Our commitment to quality

Our customers’ data is often incredibly important, valuable, and sensitive.

The performance of our solution is built on more than just our words. We follow rigorous quality processes, necessary to work with some of the most regulated industries in the world. In addition to this, we regularly have new releases of the product which are internally validated and then verified by an external third party.

Arkivum is also certified in ISO 9001 and 27001.

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