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Digital Corporate Records and Archives

Safeguarding and preserving your organisational heritage

Keep your corporate legacy alive

Why preserving the past, is so valuable for the future

Your organisation’s records are your heritage. They document your history, your brand and ultimately tell the story of why your customers buy your products or services.  

From historic advertising campaigns to limited edition product releases, every organisation has a rich catalogue of valuable assets and records. 

Today, many of those records will be digital – both digitised and born-digital. But what are you doing to ensure that these valuable assets are safeguarded and preserved for future use? 

Without an appropriate solution, these records can become lost, corrupt or obsolete. 

Introducing our archiving and preservation solution

An easy-to-use service for the long-term management of digital records

Arkivum’s solution for corporate records and archives ensures the long-term accessibility, discoverability and use of your organisation’s valuable digital assets.  

Our solution acts as a dynamic central repository. Accessible by all approved parties, rest assured that your records can be found and accessed when they are most needed.  

Arkivum are experts in digital preservation. Our solution equips you with the confidence that the right people, processes and technology are managing your digital assets.  

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Our solution guarantees that your valuable digital assets will be:


Provides peace of mind that your organisation’s heritage will remain alive.


Provide secure access to those who need it, now and in the future.


Avoid file format obsolescence and guarantee long-term use.


Easily locate the right information when you need it, no matter how old it is.


Easily consolidate your existing and future records into a single repository.


Ensure your data is archived in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.

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