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Data Archiving & Preservation for Higher Education, Heritage & Libraries

Guaranteeing the long-term safeguarding and accessibility of valuable information and data

Preserving data for future generations

Keep your records alive

Higher education institutions, libraries and heritage organisations generate and hold some of the world’s most valuable research, collections and historically important documents. 

Not only do these need to be protected for the long-term, but they must be accessible and usable for future generations to come.  

Archiving and preserving these valuable digital records within Arkivum’s solution equips institutions with tools to keep these records alive.  

Find out more about the two main use cases for our solution; Special collections and Scholarly outputs. 

A guide to starting your digital archiving and preservation journey

How to ensure your assets remain alive forever

Our guide provides a complete introduction to digital archiving and preservation and contains several key topics you should consider, including:  

  • The difference between backups and archives 
  • The benefits of digital preservation 
  • Maturity models 
  • Best practice approaches 
  • Building the case for investment into digital preservation. 
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University of East London case study

Enabling greater accessibility to valuable collections of community heritage

"Arkivum can take care of all our data in one place, while giving us the flexibility to deliver it to learners, researchers and staff dispersed across such a huge area."

Carly Lightfoot, Scholarly Communications Manager, University of East London

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Archiving and preserving your data with Arkivum

Why choose us as your preferred partner?

Arkivum provides a fully managed digital archiving and preservation solution. With over 10 years’ experience working with Higher Education and Heritage organisations, we provide the support and confidence they require to preserve their valuable digital assets forever. 

Our solution, developed in line with industry best practice approaches such as FAIR, ensures that our customers data is safe, accessible, and usable for as long as they need to retain it.  

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