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Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Compliant long-term data management

Retaining Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences digital assets

A complex data landscape

Organisations operating within the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector generate vast quantities of often extremely complex data.

These datasets are also usually created and stored in many disparate systems. 

This complex data landscape is made more challenging by the need to ensure that these valuable digital assets are accessible and usable for many years into the future.

Regulatory requirements or access to research are just two examples of the many data retention challenges faced by our life sciences customers. 

Meeting the needs of our Life Sciences customers

Arkivum is experienced in providing digital preservation services across a diverse range of Pharma and Life Sciences data management use cases

eTMF and clinical trial data

Ensuring compliance with GCP and strict data retention requirements

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Laboratory data

Archiving source data in line GLP requirements

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Medical device data

Preserving data from end of life systems and product documentation

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Introducing the Arkivum digital archiving and preservation solution

Guaranteeing the long-term safeguarding, access and use of your valuable digital assets

Arkivum’s validated data management solution for life sciences organisations meets long-term compliance needs whilst also supporting strategic, high-value use cases throughout the whole lifecycle of pharma data.

In addition to the long-term data preservation mandated by regulators, our solution acts as a dynamic central repository of information.

Accessible by all required parties, our solution improves productivity, reduces costs and provides the optimum environment for a successful inspection. Your data will be future-proofed for decades or longer.

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What our customers say: Neuraly

Helping a revolutionary clinical-stage biotechnology company become GCP compliant

"Arkivum’s team was knowledgeable, very helpful and responsive from beginning to end. We are looking forward to working with the team for subsequent eTMF archiving needs."

Celia Baula, Head of Quality and Director, R&D Program and Portfolio Management.

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