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Laboratory Data Archiving and Preservation

Data retention in line with GLP requirements

Archive your source data in-line with GLP requirements

Guaranteeing the long-term access and use of source data

Complying with GLP data requirements is essential for every laboratory. This applies to preserving the data captured on lab test equipment through to providing the information necessary for a study to be reconstructed and the results verified.  

This means that your data – regardless of the source – must remain accessible, readable and reusable for the entire retention period.  

Failure to do so could be extremely damaging.  

Leaving your source data in-situ, or within a generic archive cannot provide the benefits and assurances of a digital archiving and preservation solution.

A guide to archiving laboratory data

Insights into ensuring your GLP compliance

Download our free eBook to find out how a digital archive and preservation solution can protect and preserve your source data and ensure you remain complaint with GLP requirements, including:  

  • Digital storage vs digital preservation 
  • Digital continuity and data integrity 
  • The value of metadata 
  • End of life considerations
  • When to archive your data. 
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A GLP compliant digital archiving solution

Built upon Arkivum's expertise in digital preservation

Compliant with GLP and various regulatory requirements across the life sciences industry, our fully validated digital archiving and preservation solution has been chosen by pharmaceutical organisations around the world.  

Our easy to use solution provides the confidence and protection our regulated customers require. We can assure you that your source data will remain secure, accessible and usable far into the future.

The solution is also fully aligned to the ALCOA data management principles, in order to maintain the highest levels of data integrity throughout the retention period.

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Our solution guarantees that your source data will be:


Provide secure access to those who need it


Avoid file format obsolescence and ensure long-term use of source data


Adhere to GLP principles, regulations and requirements


Easily locate the right information when you need it


High-level security with data integrity maintained throughout


Easily consolidate your source data into one preservation solution