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Data Archiving & Preservation For Scientific Research

Guaranteeing the long-term safeguarding and accessibility of valuable research data

Preserving valuable research data for future use

A digital archiving and preservation solution supporting open access research

Scientific research organisations generate vast quantities of complex data that often needs to be open, shared and accessible for decades. In short, their data management must align with the FAIR data management principles. 

Current solutions keep this data on ageing and hard to manage in-house systems that are expensive, challenging to maintain and are difficult to scale. 

Arkivum provides a digital archiving and preservation solution that has been built on the varied and challenging data management use cases of scientific research. Our technology is able to preserve petabyte level datasets, in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.

Our Product

The Arkivum digital archiving and preservation solution for scientific research data

Delivering long-term safeguarding and accessibility of scientific research data at scale


Your research data is safely secured in multiple locations


Mitigate against file format obsolescence with automated preservation


Ensure your data is accessible to the researchers who need it


Our solution scales to your requirements


Manage your data in the most environmentally friendly way


Easily consolidate your data into one preservation solution

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