Past Webinars / 22 Apr, 2020

It’s all about data: a webinar on digital preservation

Webinar recording: “It’s all about data: a webinar on digital preservation”

We were recently invited to present on a webinar with our partners EBSCO, talking about all things digital preservation.

Our VP of Product, Sinéad McKeown led the session, sharing her insights into digital preservation good practice. During the webinar Sinéad explored questions such as:

  • How can data managers and archivists get the most out of their data by utilising and capturing metadata in the best ways?
  • How can you leverage approaches like FAIR?
  • Why automation is crucial to effective digital preservation?

You can watch the recording of the full session here:

It’s All About That Data: A Webinar About Digital Preservation from EBSCO on Vimeo.

Tom Lynam

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