The current landscape of digital preservation webinar - Arkivum

Webinars / 11 Nov, 2020

The current landscape of digital preservation webinar

Webinar recording: “The Current Landscape of Digital Preservation”

We were recently invited to present on a webinar with our partners EBSCO, talking about digital preservation.

Our CTO and founder, Matthew Addis led the session, sharing his insights into the current landscape of digital preservation. During the webinar Matthew explored topics such as:

  • Digital Preservation challenges and how to address them
  • Approaches to effective digital preservation (third party v.s. in-house)
  • Pros and cons of the different approaches
  • Results from the Arkivum digital preservation survey


You can watch the recording of the full session here:


The Current Landscape of Digital Preservation from EBSCO on Youtube.

Whitney Armstrong

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