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News (company news, press releases) / 24 May, 2022

Release of version 6.0

Arkivum announces the release of version 6.0 of their digital archiving and preservation solution

We are delighted to announce the launch of version 6.0 of our digital archiving and preservation solution. This release has improved the overall performance of the solution whilst introducing several exciting new features.

Incorporating ARCHIVER Improvements

For much of the last two years, Arkivum has been involved in the ARCHIVER project, a European Commission initiative focused on developing state of the art digital preservation services for large, petabyte scale scientific datasets as part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). This work has been in collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform.

Although the development work for the project has been managed separately, a major element of this release was to incorporate many of the improvements and functionality into our core product. It’s enabled us to manage and process much larger datasets, more reliably and in shorter amounts of time.

Although firmly rooted within scientific research datasets, the work conducted as part of the ARCHIVER project will provide important benefits to all Arkivum customers.

New Features

1- Enhanced search capability

Our new files screen UI brings with it several benefits for customers who want to view the data stored within the archive. The tree folder structure view presents data in a familiar hierarchy format (similar to how folders are structured on a PC) that allows a user to expand each folder and see the content contained within.

For our life sciences customers, this will allow them to view the data in a hierarchy format similar to the Reference Model, displaying the zone, section and artefact (or any other hierarchy they may use) that data is located in.

This new functionality along with the new and improved search bar, makes it easier for users to navigate their archived data, finding the right information quickly and easily.

2- Expanded data ingestion

The ARCHIVER project has driven the technology changes necessary to enable greater, quicker and more efficient data ingestion than ever before. Our solution is now able to ingest up to 10TB+ a day (whereas previously this was 1TB).

3- Greater reporting options available

 Version 6.0 brings offers several new reports:

 Ingestion report: Users will be able to view all jobs that are in progress, as well as the datasets they reside in.

 Processing report: When searching for a file, metadata processing will inform users when files are processed, encryption details, information for when checksum and fixity checks were last done and more.

 Preservation report: Allows users to track the progress of preservation across the system.

4- Self-serve capability

Firstly, users will have the ability to create their own datasets (the groups under which content or studies sit under) as well as the ability to assign the initial namespace (metadata set) associated with it and add more in the future if required.

Secondly, admins can now create their own custom namespace (which are Arkivum’s metadata sets), ensuring that their exact data requirements are captured when retaining important content.

Validated for regulated customers

For customers operating in regulated life sciences markets, this version has been through our computerised system validation (CSV) process lead by our independent partner, Boston Technology Research (BTR).

CSV is a process used to test, validate and formally document that a regulated computer-based system does exactly what it is designed to do in a consistent and accurate manner that is secure, reliable and traceable.

Our current customers will receive all the necessary validation documentation in the coming days to aid with the upgrade of their solution.

Chris Sigley, CEO, said of the announcement, “borne out of our work on the ARCHIVER Project, this latest release has been a while in the making .

 It represents a significant step forward for Arkivum. Last year’s work on our solution has seen us drastically improve our capability regarding scale, efficiency, ingest and usability, whilst simultaneously making the product more robust.

 I’m excited and proud of what the team has achieved, and I am looking forward to migrating and upgrading our customers to this latest release so they can see for themselves the work that the team has achieved.”

If you would like a demo of these new features, or to discuss the upgrade options please contact your account manager or email us at

Chris Sigley

Chris is the Chief Executive Officer at Arkivum. He joined the business in June 2020 to drive further growth across the business, both by capitalising on its established client base in higher education, culture and heritage and by gaining wider traction in sectors such as life sciences and pharmaceuticals, corporate, and scientific research.

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