Arkivum announces huge leap forward with release of v5.0 for smart digital preservation, data safeguarding and lifecycle management - Arkivum

Archiving & Preservation / 25 Jun, 2018

Arkivum announces huge leap forward with release of v5.0 for smart digital preservation, data safeguarding and lifecycle management

Arkivum are excited to announce version 5 of their product which is the first release incorporating open source technologies in our new microservices framework. This framework uses modern, industry standard technologies such as Elasticsearch and Apache Kafka to host existing and build extended capabilities for our product offering. Through this framework we can now offer our customers full cloud, multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service) deployments, which further reduces the TCO for their long-term data lifecycle management.
Shaped by the needs in the market, this new release provides customers with reduced total cost of ownership, improved usability and a simplified technology stack whilst adding valuable functionality to our end users.

New features include: 

  • Auto-extraction of metadata – All too often our customers are ingesting data with little or no context, so when this is the case we’re automatically extracting Dublin Core metadata from standard file formats ingested. 
    • This helps our customers to be able to organise the data and locate it when needed in the future – saving potential time and resources. 
  • Ingestion of content management packages – Meaning that metadata can be ingested at the same time 
    • Allows descriptive and structural metadata to be applied to packages of data on ingest. Helping users to organise content for future access, especially useful in industries where fixed metadata structures are available e.g. eTMF (electronic Trial Master File formats, etc.)
  • Secure Exports – We have added functionality which can be used to handle GDPR Data Subject Requests by way of secure export. 
    • Using the existing record management feature customers can export their selected data set, including data, metadata, chain of custody and audit trails in an easy-to-follow, machine readable format. Very important in handling data subject requests for GDPR, and also to provide evidence from the archive for any other use.
  • Dashboard – We have introduced an easy to use dashboard. 
    • For customers who don’t want or aren’t ready for full integration of our APIs with their system. We’ve exposed existing capabilities such as our advanced search capabilities, all the record management capabilities (including holding and removing holds from records and record sets) and Retention Policy Management into one central location, making it easier to get to the data you need quickly. Additionally, commonly used reports are available for administrators from the dashboard.

To find out more or have a more in depth discussion about what is included in the latest version of Arkivum software please get in touch.

Sinéad McKeown

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