Migrating the eTMF from CRO to Sponsor

Best practice approaches / 26 Mar, 2024

Webinar Recording: Best practice approaches to migrating the eTMF from CRO to Sponsor

Receiving clinical records for your CRO at the end of a trial can be a challenging process. What is the best approach to take? How do I ensure the data is complete or compromised? What resources does a sponsor need to manage this process effectively? Can a migration really only take a few days? And so on… 

In this webinar recording, Arkivum’s Customer Delivery Manager, Antonia Witten, will provide an overview of how this process should look, to ensure minimal risk to the data, and the low level of effort required by the sponsor and to ensure that quality standards are maintained. 

Based on the experience of working directly with sponsors, this session covers: 

  • Good practice approaches including the importance of preparing your data before long-term archival.  
  • Properly preparing the data’s associated metadata to ensure long-term searchability and findability. 
  • A demonstration of the process of migrating a set of sample data (e.g eTMF) from source system export through to upload into a digital archive. 
  • Lessons learned on what to avoid to put your data at risk. 


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Annabel Allum

Annabel is a Marketing Executive at Arkivum and joined the business in 2022. She is responsible for managing various operational marketing activities including email, CRM, website management and campaign support.

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