Webinar Recording: A Guide to Data Migration: Tips and Best Practices to Perfect your Transfer to an Archive

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When data is ready to be archived, migrating that data out of existing systems can seem like an intimidating task. With potentially thousands of files and documents sitting in a document management system or file sharing site, it can be difficult to think of where to start. Common fears include risking the integrity of the data, or that migration requires a lot of resource and effort for internal teams. As a result, many leave their data in its original system despite the risks this can pose to the data. 

However, migration is very necessary and difficult to avoid when retaining data for long periods of time. With factors such as technology obsolescence, inaccessibility and risk of corruption, becoming comfortable with migrating data is crucial.  

In this webinar, we are joined by our Customer Delivery Manager, Antonia Witten, who interacts with data migrations daily, to bring you a session all about migration. This session covers: 

  • What data migration is and why it is needed  
  • Preparing for a data migration  
  • Common issues and challenges faced when migrating data  
  • Best practices to consider  
  • Why we archive data  
  • Q&A 

Annabel Allum

Annabel is a Marketing Executive at Arkivum and joined the business in 2022. She is responsible for managing various operational marketing activities including email, CRM, website management and campaign support.

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