Webinar Recording: Revolutionising eTMF Archiving and Preservation

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Are you prepared to revolutionise your eTMF archival and preservation processes?

Join us for this enlightening webinar recording on planning for archival, where Cerevel Therapeutic’s Ashley Avery and Arkivum’s Antonia Witten explore vital topics to enhance your archival strategies. This session is an expansion of what was covered within the Cerevel Therapeutics case study published last year.

Here’s what was on our agenda:

  1. Planning for Archive: Lay the groundwork for effective archival strategies.
  2. Selecting an Archival Provider: Navigate the process of choosing the right archival partner.
  3. Archiving to GCP and ALCOA++: Learn best practice and understand the importance of archiving to GCP standards and maintaining ALCOA++ principles.
  4. Regulations: Why are US based sponsors are aligning with EU regs in addition to FDA regs.
  5. Archiving End of Study Migration Tips: Get valuable tips for migrating data at the end of a study, what is best practice and what should you avoid.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your understanding of archival processes and ensure your organisation is equipped for efficient data management.

Instantly unlock the recording here:

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Antonia Witten

Antonia Witten is the Customer Delivery Manager here at Arkivum. Antonia has built a successful track record of onboarding clients into the solution through the use of structured onboarding sessions and helping customers maneuver around any obstacles presented with their data. Previously, Antonia worked as a Data Compliance Co-ordinator at a phase three clinical trial site where she would handle active trial data on a daily basis, ensuring the integrity of the data remained as a high priority.

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