Arkivum announces the release of new validated version of archiving and preservation solution

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Customer Centric Update

Arkivum is delighted to announce the launch of version 5.4.5 of our digital archiving and preservation solution. This latest release delivers a raft of new features and has also been fully validated for our regulated customers.

The release further demonstrates our commitment to the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector and our understanding of their validation requirements for computerised systems operating in GxP areas.

At Arkivum, we understand that regulators increasingly require pharmaceutical companies to verify and vouch for the GxP compliance of their vendors.  We are proud to provide our GxP customers the assurance that our solution is a globally GxP compliant and validation-ready product based on a mature Quality Management System (QMS) and CSV program.

New features

The release has also built upon the changes brought in our previous 5.3 update in 2020. This new release has seen new features and improvements including;

New reporting options

New reporting features include;

  • The secure, computer-generated time-stamped Audit Trail has been enhanced to include additional audit reporting that meets the requirements of 21 CFR 11 with improvements to the presentation of information and descriptions of initiated workflows.
  • A new Ingest report shows the ingest status, time and any errors that may occur.
  • A new Integrity report shows the metadata processing status, indexing status, encryption check status per location, fixity status per location and the checksums.

The enhancements to our reporting functionality enable our customers to obtain greater insights into their archived data, including a complete and accurate audit trail. These features provide additional confidence in the protection and oversight of the data over its entire lifecycle.

On our roadmap for 2021 we are continuing to improve our reporting capability, with plans to include a recommendation report that will show which digital content should be re-normalized for a future long-term format.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support and Glacier Storage

The new release also incorporates a number of new storage options for customers. This includes support for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure and Glacier and Deep Glacier storage locations for customers deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

These additional storage options will enable customers to archive and preserve larger data sets in a more cost-effective way.


Arkivum now supports the ingestion of an unlimited numbers of files in a collection via ingestion buckets, meaning our customers can include original files without the need to zip them.

For our customers with data already stored in the cloud there will be no requirement to forward this data on to Arkivum.

A trusted partner

These features form part of our roadmap to ensure the ongoing development of the product for all our customers and assist them to better manage and extract value from their data.

As part of our roadmap, we will continue the development of our solution with plans for additional integrations and enhancements to our user interface being released over the coming months.

Chris Sigley, Arkivum CEO said of the announcement, “We’re thrilled to deliver the latest validated release of our solution to customers. We are committed to being a trusted partner for organisations who need to preserve their valuable digital assets and we will continue to focus on delivering easy to use and high-quality solutions for them.”

“Finally, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the Arkivum team for their tireless work in such a challenging year.”

The new version is being rolled out to new and existing Arkivum customers. Please speak to your account manager if you would like more information about how these changes might affect you.

Work is already well under way for the next version (5.4.6) of the product. This release for non-regulated customers will be available in the coming weeks. For customer questions related to this update, please contact your account manager.

If you are interested in seeing a demo of the new update or the Arkivum solution, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing or contacting us here.

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