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19 Aug, 2021

The top three skills every Records Manager needs to have

Harriet Clark

“What are the most important skills for a records manager or archivist?” Recently at Arkivum we have been discussing and debating what the most important skills are…

12 Aug, 2021

Machine Learning: The next frontier for eTMF management?

Whitney Armstrong

Before we explore the impact of Machine Learning upon the management of the eTMF, I think it’s important we outline what it is, what it is not…

03 Aug, 2021

Three key data considerations of decentralised clinical trials

Harriet Clark

So far in this mini blog series we’ve had a look at what decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) are, explored how COVID-19 forced an accelerated adoption of them…

20 Jul, 2021

Three key benefits of decentralised clinical trials

Harriet Clark

An estimated 80% of non-COVID-19 trials were paused or cancelled as a result of the pandemic. That means that 1000s of trials and drug developments have been…

15 Jul, 2021

What is digital preservation?

Tom Lynam

Following on from our previous article (What is Digital Archiving?), this second part of our back-to-basics series will focus on delving into digital preservation and look to…

13 Jul, 2021

Panel Discussion Recording: TMF Futures 2021, Good data in the age of digital transformation

Whitney Armstrong

Arkivum were delighted to host our latest webinar, where we discussed some of the key insights from our recently published TMF Futures 2021 report, ‘Good data in…