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03 May, 2018

Blog series (part 2): The economic principle of digital data being a depreciable, durable asset

Daniel Hickmore

In my previous post, I outlined the four key classic economic principles and how incorrect assumptions associated with them for long term data management could actually be costing your organisation money. 
The four economic principles we are discussing..

01 May, 2018

Blog series (part 1): The four economic factors that make the “cost of doing nothing” more expensive than “doing something”

Daniel Hickmore

Over this series of blogs, I will discuss the four big economic drivers and the associate fallacies that can be de-bunked which could help you, or your organisation rethink an approach to data for long term data preservation and integrity.

24 Apr, 2018

Birmingham City University Set to Deliver Its Innovative Learning Resource Strategy with Arkivum PERPETUA

Becks Hicks

Birmingham City University (BCU) has chosen Arkivum PERPETUA to support learning and showcase the work of its talented students to the wider public. A leading digital preservation solution designed specifically for higher education, Arkivum PERPETUA will underpin the University’s vision of simplified access to learning resources at the point of need.

28 Mar, 2018

Data Owner Beware! New Data Integrity Guidance from MHRA

Daniel Hickmore

With the new Data Integrity guidance form MHRA this March we should revisit the importance of data integrity in Research & Development (R&D) as well as more heavily regulated parts of the pharma pipeline…

13 Mar, 2018

Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust protects its invaluable automotive archives for future generations with Arkivum

Becks Hicks

Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust has chosen the Arkivum PERPETUA solution to archive its digital assets that reflect their rich history dating back more than a century to…

05 Feb, 2018

University of Colorado Boulder, USA, selects Arkivum Perpetua

Becks Hicks

University of Colorado Boulder, USA, selects Arkivum Perpetua as its long-term digital preservation and data archiving solution Boston, USA – 5 February 2018. Arkivum Ltd., a leading…