The rise of Mid-Size CROs in Biotech and Pharma Partnerships

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In the dynamic landscape of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the choice of CRO plays a pivotal role in the success of drug development ventures. Despite the assumption that bigger is better, a staggering 80% of biotech and pharma companies surveyed by CRO Worldwide Clinical Trials believe that large CROs are not necessarily the most cost-effective option.

Flexibility Breeds Innovation

One of the primary reasons biotech and pharma companies are gravitating towards mid-size CROs is the unparalleled flexibility they offer. Unlike their larger counterparts, mid-size CROs are nimble and adaptable, capable of tailoring their services. This flexibility allows for more agile decision-making and quicker response times. In an industry where speed-to-market can make or break a product, this agility is invaluable.

Personalised Service for Enhanced Collaboration

Mid-size CROs excel in providing a more intimate and collaborative experience compared to their larger counterparts. With a smaller client portfolio and specialty expertise, mid-size CROs can devote greater attention to each project, fostering deeper relationships. A personalised approach leads to tighter alignment between CRO and sponsor, resulting in enhanced communication, transparency, and ultimately, project success.

Access to Senior-Level Expertise

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons biotech and pharma companies are choosing mid-size CROs is the access to senior-level scientific and medical expertise. Unlike large CROs, where junior staff may handle day-to-day operations, mid-size CROs often boast teams comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience.

To Summarise

While large CROs have long been synonymous with reliability and scale, the tide is turning as more companies recognise the unique advantages offered by mid-size counterparts. Flexibility, a personalised service and access to senior-level expertise, mid-size CROs are redefining the standard for excellence in drug development partnerships.

As we move forward, it becomes ever more crucial for all CROs to seek out additional avenues to demonstrate “Added Value”. Today, sponsors are challenging CROs even with site and investigator selection, expecting more than just the basics. With emphasis on optimising speed, efficiency and the overall quality of their clinical trial data CROs must adapt to meet these evolving demands and prove their worth in the competitive landscape of clinical research.


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