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02 Jul, 2021

COVID: The catalyst of decentralised clinical trials?

Harriet Clark

The clinical research industry is one of many rules, regulations, processes, systems, privacy requirements and much, much more – for good reason. The safety of the patient,…

01 Jul, 2021

What is digital archiving?

Tom Lynam

When we work so close to something, it is sometimes possible to overlook the simple things. This is why we’ve decided to create a two-part blog series…

28 Jun, 2021

What options do CROs and Sponsors have for managing trial data at the end of a trial?

Russell Joyce

Long ago, the concept of outsourcing clinical studies began to trend within clinical research and today, has become a customary business strategy that is widely accepted and…

22 Jun, 2021

Is your data safe in the cloud?

Harriet Clark

Regardless of industry or organisation size, a misconception we often hear is that an on-premises solution for data storage is safer than the cloud. We are speculating…

08 Jun, 2021

What you need to know about the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

Harriet Clark

As of 26 May 2021, the 2017/745 MDR officially superseded the 93/42/EC Medical Device Directive (MDD) that came into effect in 1993 and is now a European Union…

04 Jun, 2021

What does the revival of cassette tapes mean for digital preservation?

Harriet Clark

Every few years or so, a trend from the past sees a resurgence in popularity and suddenly, social media timelines and stories are awash with nostalgia and…