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15 Aug, 2019

MHRA and FDA Data Integrity guidelines – do I need to pay attention?

Emma Davenport

The MHRA published its 2018 edition of GCP serious breaches in May which sees Data Integrity featuring heavily in the list of examples of non-compliance. Data integrity…

05 Aug, 2019

#Arkies User Group – themes, ideas and upgrades!

Paula Keogh

We recently held the latest #Arkies User Group, this time in London for our European customers. The University of Westminster once again did a fantastic job of…

18 Jul, 2019

Preserving data from retired systems; the 7900T example

Emma Davenport

Preserving data from retired systems Organisations within the life sciences sector are fast becoming big data enterprises; the need to innovate on modern drug discovery and research…

10 Jul, 2019

What ancient bat rituals taught me about data preservation in the digital age

Emma Davenport

I think bats are beautiful creatures. So my eye was immediately drawn to an article on the stunning Mafra Palace Library in Portugal stating “At night, bats…

24 Jun, 2019

Digital Preservation 101: From heraldry to haemoglobin – all data needs preserving

Emma Davenport

What is digital preservation? Digital preservation is about ensuring future access to digital files and assets, regardless of if they are born-digital or digitised versions of physical…

29 May, 2019

Life sciences laboratories are rapidly becoming data enterprises – Are your departments reaching their full potential?

Emma Davenport

Growing amounts of data and data types make it increasingly difficult for laboratory managers to consolidate their data sources; removing silos and creating a single source of…