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28 Jun, 2021

Arkivum report: TMF Futures 2021, Good data in the age of digital transformation

Whitney Armstrong

TMF Futures 2021: Good data in the age of digital transformation This 2021 report is drawn from our second annual TMF Futures survey. Polling the views of…

13 May, 2021

New eBook: A Guide to Archiving Laboratory Data

Whitney Armstrong

The long-term archiving of digital raw data is critical to ensure compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), to meet the requirements of data integrity guidance issued by…

18 Feb, 2021

New eBook: An eTMF Archiving and Preservation Guide

Whitney Armstrong

According to our research less than one third of sponsors think that they are archiving their eTMF in adherence to archiving regulations. The complex regulatory landscape has…

30 Sep, 2020

New eBook: The State of Digital Preservation in Higher Education

Tom Lynam

The digital preservation of special collection data and scholarly output is crucial to any Higher Education organisation today. Custodians of that information are responsible for ensuring the…

23 Sep, 2020

Arkivum report: TMF Futures, Keeping Data Alive  

Tom Lynam

Arkivum is delighted to publish a new report into the major trends impacting the long-term management of clinical trial data for life sciences organisations. Forming the core…

28 Apr, 2020

Building the case for Digital Preservation in compliance driven organisations

Tom Lynam

Are you struggling to build the case for a digital preservation solution to support your long-term digital transformation strategy and plans? If so, our new eBook could…