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Archiving & Preservation / 25 Feb, 2022

eBook: A Guide to Archiving Laboratory Data – Revised for 2022

The long-term archiving of digital raw data is critical to ensure compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), to meet the requirements of data integrity guidance issued by regulatory authorities, and to achieve inspection readiness.

Our newly designed and revised Guide to Archiving Laboratory Data provides you with an introduction into how to store your source data to meet GLP requirements and equips you with the knowledge to maintain it.

Throughout the eBook we’ll cover many topics, including:

  • Digital storage vs digital preservation
  • Digital continuity and data integrity
  • The value of metadata
  • End of life considerations
  • When to archive your data.

Are you looking for guidance on how best to resolve these challenges?

Or perhaps are unsure of how compliant your current strategy is?

You can read the full guide for free by clicking here.

Whitney Armstrong

Whitney is the Marketing Executive at Arkivum. She joined the business in 2020 and is responsible for supporting marketing campaigns and activities targeting key sectors. Whitney has over 5 years' experience of delivering and supporting marketing strategy for technology brands.

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