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Use Cases

Arkivum delivers solutions that solve challenges around your organisation for business users, IT departments and Compliance managers

Want 100% data integrity and the ability to access your data for as long as you need it?

Arkivum’s modular technology makes it the perfect solution for removing data silos around your organisation, regardless of geography, line of business or if it is stored on-premise or in the cloud. 100% data integrity and a full audit trail for every step of the data lifecycle make Arkivum’s solutions suitable for a wide range of use cases; from regulatory and compliance to relocating your data to the cloud to making sure your born-digital collections are accessible forever.

Our domain expertise means we can deliver the following use cases

Long-term data safeguarding

Your data is stored securely for the long-term in a tamper-proof format with a full chain of custody throughout its lifecycle. Flexible, open APIs mean you can integrate with your favourite tools to access your data at all times.

Digital preservation

Future-proof your data now. Arkivum ensures your data is usable forever and protected from obsolescence as technologies continue to evolve and change.

Compliance & regulation

All data processing is fully audited throughout its lifecycle and evidence ready when needed. Quickly and cost-effectively meet new regulations as they are introduced.

End of life systems

Prevent data loss due to end of life systems. Extract data from legacy systems so you can use it again and again as you need to. Arkivum solutions ingest data from any source and multiple file types, and its vendor-neutral technology means you can future-proof against EoL issues.

Records management

Reduce the time, cost and effort to search across your data locations, to produce information for the business to support faster, well-informed decision making. Dynamic data retention management policies eliminate the silos across your business to enhance collaboration.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction

Our managed service means you don’t have to hire expensive data experts, and existing staff can focus on interesting projects that add value to the business rather than managing the data. Our elastically scalable service and pricing means we can scale with your business, as you need us to, and provides a predictable TCO.

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