Overview of Arkivum's Digital Archiving and Preservation Solution

eTMF & GCP Data / 29 Nov, 2023

Webinar Recording: An Overview of Arkivum’s Digital Archiving and Preservation Solution

In this webinar, we are joined by Arkivum’s Customer Delivery Manager, Antonia Witten, who gave an overview of our Digital Archiving and Preservation solution, including the latest updates and new features included within our 6.3 release.

Whether you are responsible for archiving GxP, research or corporate data, this session provides a thorough overview of what an end-to-end and vendor neutral digital preservation solution should look like.

In the webinar recording, you can expect to learn about key features including:

  • How to securely transfer your data into the digital archive.
  • Organising, preparing and searching your data to support long-term access.
  • The workflow and process for automatically preserving digital records to ensure long-term readability and use.
  • Reporting and audit trails to align with traceability requirements.
  • New user management controls and options.


Don’t miss this chance to learn how our digital archiving and preservation solution can help you protect your data for long-term use.

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Annabel Allum

Annabel is a Marketing Executive at Arkivum and joined the business in 2022. She is responsible for managing various operational marketing activities including email, CRM, website management and campaign support.

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