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Archiving & Preservation / 23 Feb, 2022

Webinar Recording: Planning for the migration of your clinical data

In this 1-hour practical session, Rob Jones, Principal Business Consultant at Arkivum, discusses and explains what you should consider when outsourcing your clinical trial with a view to what happens when you need to receive the data at the end.

Rob leads you through areas and questions you should focus on, including:

  • Practical guidance of what to do with the data you receive
  • Understanding how you will receive your data
  • Planning your TMF Migration
  • Maintaining TMF Data Integrity and Chain of Custody during transfer
  • The level of checks you should do throughout the migration process (i.e. checks for data integrity and chain of custody)
  • Why a purpose-built solution will protect your organisation from records deterioration and file format obsolescence.

You can watch the recording of the webinar by completing the form below.

Whitney Armstrong

Whitney is the Marketing Executive at Arkivum. She joined the business in 2020 and is responsible for supporting marketing campaigns and activities targeting key sectors. Whitney has over 5 years' experience of delivering and supporting marketing strategy for technology brands.

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