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Arkivum AtoM Training Videos

Six part training series on using AtoM with the Arkivum solution

Part 1: Terminology

Learn about the common phrases and terms used across both AtoM and Arkivum.

In this training session, Arkivum CTO and co-founder Matthew Addis covers the key terminology used within both AtoM and the Arkivum solution. These include:

AtoM – Archival institutions, archival descriptions and digital objects

Arkivum – PCDM, collections, objects and files and associated metadata.

Part 2: Process

Overview of the process between Arkivum and AtoM

Matthew continues the video training series by taking you through the process by which data is ingested into the Arkivum solution and is then transferred to AtoM.

This includes how the solution will create or update archival descriptions and upload associated digital objects.

Part 3: Ark file meta

Preparing your metadata for use across Arkivum and AtoM

In this video, Matthew provides more detail on Ark file meta CSV as a way of providing ISADG metadata to the Arkivum solution so that it can create archival descriptions in AtoM and load in the corresponding digital objects.

This is the first part of a two-part training video on Ark file meta.

Part 4: Ark file meta continued

Preparing your metadata for use across Arkivum and AtoM

This is the second part of the training video on Ark file meta.

Please ensure you watch the previous video in the series before watching this video.

Part 5: PST Files

Using PST email archives as an example of when further processing of files is required

Following on from the previous sessions, this part discusses the certain instances the Arkivum solution will do further processing on some files to extract out the content, and how it will automatically create a hierarchy of PCDM objects and archival descriptions for those objects.

This training video uses the example of PST email archives to illustrate this process.

Part 6: Catalogue AtoM

Creating archival descriptions direclty in AtoM

The final part of this video training focuses on how to create archival descriptions directly in AtoM itself. 

This is different to previous videos which have focused on the creation of these archival descriptions through the ingest process via the Arkivum solution (and the use of Ark file meta CSVs).