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Articles / 13 Mar, 2018

Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust protects its invaluable automotive archives for future generations with Arkivum

Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust has chosen the Arkivum PERPETUA solution to archive its digital assets that reflect their rich history dating back more than a century to the dawn of British motoring. Of considerable historical significance to the automotive industry, these assets – which include promotional and technical materials, such as manuals and sales brochures, attract interest from car enthusiasts and serious collectors worldwide.

Arkivum PERPETUA will initially focus on safeguarding this valuable data and has the ability in the future to provide digital preservation and end user search, bringing the data to life by making it easily accessible. Combining easy access to the data alongside secure, unlimited storage means PERPETUA will ensure the safeguarding of these digital assets for the decades ahead.

“Among the wealth of assets we hold are digitized copies of technical specifications, engineering drawings and build ledgers” says Faye McLeod, archivist for the Trust. “These are irreplaceable, and the risk of physical degradation of such fragile media was no longer tenable. We’d also hit the limits of our existing storage arrangements, given the large number of digitization projects we run here at the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust.”

“When we spoke to Arkivum we were impressed by the longevity by which they could guarantee secure access to our unique and valuable data,” says Faye McLeod. “The ability to handle unlimited data volumes means we are confident that Arkivum provides a solution that not only fulfils our needs right now but can grow with us as our data requirements continue to grow”.

Arkivum PERPETUA is a leading end-to-end digital preservation and archival solution designed to address the unique requirements and challenges of the Heritage, Libraries and Higher Education markets. With its flexible structure, organizations can select the functionality they need immediately, and add other modules as their requirements evolve.

Paula Keogh, Arkivum Sector Manager for HE and Heritage markets, adds: “We are delighted to welcome the prestigious name of Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust to the Arkivum community. The Trust has selected our fully-hosted PERPETUA solution, so we will be delighted to support them through the data preservation of such amazing heritage so it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations”.

Emma Davenport

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