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Blog / 29 May, 2019

Life sciences laboratories are rapidly becoming data enterprises – Are your departments reaching their full potential?

Growing amounts of data and data types make it increasingly difficult for laboratory managers to consolidate their data sources; removing silos and creating a single source of truth. This is also creating new use cases where the business, IT and compliance users in an organisation have different requirements of the same data.


The growing data problem

Do your laboratory managers struggle with consolidating their data sources to optimise long term value and enhance collaboration, inside and outside of your organisation?


Are your IT managers under pressure, balancing the need to share and collaborate with data while retaining control of who accesses the data and ensuring compliance is met at all times? Do they struggle with optimising the growing costs of managing and storing the increasing amounts of data generated or acquired?


Is your compliance team struggling to make sure your data is compliant with GxP guidelines and regulatory requirements while satisfying the needs of your business users?






Bringing your departments and data together

Arkivum makes your data secure, compliant, accessible and usable for the long term, be it 5, 10 or 50 years plus. Arkivum is a long-term data lifecycle management solution for your GxP data, giving you full control over your data regardless of where it is located or which vendor created it. It ensures you are in compliance while sharing and collaborating with others, so you can unleash the power of your data and create more business value from it.


100% data integrity guaranteed and built-in exit strategy

Our unique 100% data integrity guarantee is backed by insurance giving you further assurance that we can deliver on what we say we will. Our built-in exit strategy is an essential part of our dedication to providing software that means you control your data at all times and for you to always be able to access your data, protecting against issues with decommissioned systems and applications that are a common part of running a business.


Be future-ready with state-of-the-art digital preservation, discovery and access across your long term data.


Read how Oncologica are working with Arkivum to manage its regulated genomics and patient data, generated by Thermo Fisher’s Ion GeneStudio S5 next-generation sequencing (NGS) system, or visit our Life Sciences page for more information.

Emma Davenport

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