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Archiving & Preservation / 21 Oct, 2019

Secure collaboration and bringing archived data to life

It really is an exciting time at Arkivum, even though I do say so myself. I have been here coming on 18 months, and in that time the product has come on leaps and bounds.

Version 5.3 really builds on a lot of the functionality that was introduced in the version 5.2 release earlier this year through our microservices framework and building on our visualisation and usability modules. We have really built upon feedback from our user base in this release, and are excited to see how our customers use it.

Looking back at the process flow that the Arkivum product goes through:

    • Ingest
    • Add context
    • Safeguard
    • Preserve
    • Review/Report

This release really builds on the “add context” and “review/report” sections of the process, which makes it very exciting.


For us it is all about the metadata, we know that making sure that your data is findable is absolutely critical, so in light of that a number of updates have been made to the way you can find and manage data within the our suite.

A number of impressive new features which make the way that you search for and visualise relationships of your data have been built upon in this release.

Secure collaboration

We are committed to empowering organisations to unleash the value of their long-term data, we have introduced a mechanism with which researchers and life sciences organisations can securely share their data to external organisations.

This is particularly useful when working with a contract research organisation or research site who need to securely share the research they are generating with the sponsor of the clinical trial.

Our Vision

At the beginning of 2019 we committed ourselves to delivering value in a number of key areas, since then we have implemented and are continuing to implement new features to:

    • Automate the preservation and long term management of data
    • Decomplexify your long term data management while adhering to your regulatory needs
    • Promote optimisation & efficiency
    • Create more opportunities to generate value from your long term data to your organisation
    • Extend the scope of integrations into the Arkivum suite

Please contact us if you would like a demo of our solution.

Emma Davenport

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